Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Craven Peyton, 9 October 1806

two miles from Lancastar Octr. 9th. 1806—

dear Sir

two of Colo. Lewis Daughtars & my self, was attacked with the fevar about 15 days ago, Betsy Lewis whom I carried to Bethlehem, to school with my little Daughtar, was not receaved by the Doctor because she was two years Oalder than their rules admitted of, she expirred on the twelfth day, her sustar & my self are both very low now, Freemon & Coon are our Doctrs. If I shoud not recovar, I have appointed my worthy friend Colo. Randolph to assist in settleng my affairs, & it is my wish that all the papars between us respecting Hendersons affairs you shoud. have, Among them are several of your deeds, & any thing which may remain unstilted, between us hope you will adjust them & if any mistakes, let them be rectified eithar way, for death wod. be far preferable to me, then to forfeit any confidence which you have thaught propar to repose in me, in any shape whatevar, my expecting to return long before, did not rite Mr. Wirt to assist Key at that suite of yours before the Court of Appeals,

with real esteem

C Peyton

N.B. this is put under covar to the post masstar Milton with othars lettars, which I am propped up in bed to rite.


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