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To Thomas Jefferson from Pseudonym: "Worthy of your Attention", 16 September 1806

September the 16th. 1806


The inclosed paragraphs will manefist to you that the Marquis Yrujo has receivd from his sovereign a confirmation of his appointment, as minister of spain near the U.S.; tho no official accounts have been seen as yet: but this measure may be only a regular and natural proseeding of the spanish Court in favour of the personal honor of their minister and by his humble requests without any intention to influence our Government in thier political affairs: and it is beyond a doubt that the Marquis has secret orders for Leaveing this country and Leaveing behind him another spanish functionary as Charge de affairs in Case that he cannot make any reparation in the personal harmoney with the heads of our Government. It is true. But the Marquis thinks that the Riddle to humble himself for restoring harmony, gives more advantage and Courage to the heads of our Government for persisting in their resolution in repelling him from representation and sending him away: thus he takes the Contrary way to restore harmony in abuse of the moderation of the heads of our Government or of thier feebleness (as he Calls it) for to see if he can arrive to that period of reconciliation by the terrors, outrages, and Bravados which he gives us to understand in his Gazette of United States, and that his Government have taken his Part, and that he shall remain here in spite of the national wishes and requests of our Government for the contrary. It is impossible to believe that the Spanish Court will prostitute Its publick Character in persisting, against the practice constantly observed by all the Civilized powers, in the scandalous stay of Yrujo here. this man cannot be more an instrment or organ of amicable communication between the two nations, and I have no doubt Spain likes peace with us, and that the personal interest of Yrujo Cannot break her resolution, nor alter It.

Our National Character, as well as the sovereignty of the Country, the honor, and the feelings of all the american citizens are engaged in repelling the said yrujo from any representitive character Whatever, or private stay in this country: the contrary would be an indelable stain upon our independency, a bad example in the future to the forieng representitives and an indecorious reward for the insults and insolences Commited constantly by Yrujo as well against the Government and the head magestrate as against the harmony and peace betwen the two nations.

In Yrujo procuring most efficaciously his reappointment here, the sirvice of his Master is his Least idea; but his own particular interests, so well in imposing his Large So[. . . .]ery as Likewise the Considerable proffits arriseing from his commercial intelligence in this Country, tho by the hands of others, because it is not permited to the spanish representitives to make the trade.

I hope then from you as well as the rest of My fellow Citizens the energetick answer “quod scripsi, scripsi” to the new intrigues of Yrujo to manifest to him as [such] as all Europe their erronious opinion about the feebleness of our Government and Magestrates.

I am with greatest respect Sir

an Anonymous Worthy of your attention

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