Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Pseudonym: "A True American Though a Youth", 31 July 1806

31 July 1806


It is A Boy of 15 years old Address to you the following lines. I feel A Strong regard for my Country’s welfair.

I think if I had A been Presendent at the time them opposen seet? of People (I allude to the Brittish) appeard before Newyork I should A been for rasing all the Naval force in the United States and opposed thire proceedings. My Father is an Englishman Born. ever since I had any knowledge of Nation affaires I dispised them tirents as there are. I often read of the American War. I fear they Never will Come hear Again. I think if they Should I take up armes boy as I am in my Countrys Defence If every one was as true to thier Country as me I think the Contest last war would not of been of so long Duration. Conquer or Die is my Wach Word

A True American Though a Youth.

Huza to the Constetuon

Huza to the Repubeck

Huza Frredom Independence

Huza to all America.

PS. Sir Excuse the spelling.

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