Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Felix Pascalis Ouviere, 31 July 1806

Newyork, July 31th. 1806.


In the last Speech to Congress your Excellency has traced the most correct principles which should encompass Health laws within necessary bounds, and assign them a truely useful object. You have also suggested to what points of inquiry, medical Philosophers should direct their investigations on pestilential Diseases. These datas from the Chief-Magistrate of our nation are the more important that on the other Side of the Atlantic Governements and Philosophers have in general, adopted erroneous opinions, oppressive or ruinous quaranteene regulations, perhaps a long period of time will elapse, before they can Emerge from the first impressions of fear and the old routines of their Lazarettos.

Having long ago enlistened among the advocates of the non Contagion of the home-bred yellow pestilence, and offered my share of observations, in that Controversy, I must Congratulate the Supporters of our Cause for the Doctrine you have promulgated. Ultimately it will afford the most effectual relief to Mankind against all plagues and Supposed Contagious fevers.

As an hommage of respect for the Philantropy with which your Excellency is Known to have devoted much time and talents, to many useful objects, I now take the liberty to lay under your examination the plan of my intended work on the yellow fever. Should it bespeak interesting views, I may hope for your patronage and thus be better enabled to prove that there is no mystery in Contagion in pestilential diseases.

With these motives, May I be forgiven for intruding an instant on your precious time and permitted to subscribe my profound hommage of respect!

Sir, of your Excellency, The most obedient, faithful and obedient Servant,

Felix Pascalis

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