Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Ryland Randolph, 24 July 1806

24 July 1806

Dear Sir

My Intellect & nerves are so scattered by violent illness & uncommon, & the greatest possible debility, that to hold a pen ere seems a delerious attempt. yet on my ill bed my few reflections are so torturrd by my not hav in any way intimimated the rect of your granting my requet, in offering a variety to choose in support of my lost views, I cantt. rest, as some attempt may quiet, nor [. . . .] of the worlds opion of me, causing a thought. Can I go on to my appology, I red. yr. Cert’s. when I was as often, ill, thought was active then, I determined my course, & respect for you, was to reflect & seak information before I answe’d you, some months, I got a little strength, afflicted with as surgical ineffectuall operration all was a torture & prostrating me in all feelings of bodily health on the bed. in this deplorable situation, my spirits & ennergies [exp]aled any ones, I embarked for norforld for Information & to tell my views & consult my Mercantle freind, no where else a single one my plan was to keep on to see you in person cor[. . . .] by feeling, none else ever influencd an action. I embarked to complete my plan, when go on board I felt sick & layed down. a tremendous fever came on I was carried up. often my sens’s lost; I got to Alexa. there dispaird of I ordered my self reembarked, I was again loaded here, to mny a person, I was looked at as dying, unknown cause preserved this long, I attempt a duty & [. . . .]ed cant say more, I offer you my esteem, my regard, my friendship, if this is not comprehensive, I cant tell what I have more. I am so low shew it in justice to me to my friend Gen. Minor. he knows me & will explain to my acquital.

Ryland Randolph. Norfolk

MHi: Coolidge Collection.

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