Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to Albert Gallatin, 14 July 1806

July 14. 06.

Th:J. to mr Gallatin

A law of the last session provided for making a road from Nashville to Natchez, & another from Cincinnati, by Vincennes to St. Louis. not having a copy of the laws yet, I do not know whether it is necessary for me to take any steps on this subject at present, or what it waits for. can you inform me?

The road from Cumberland to Ohio will be an important link in the line to St. Louis. there will still be wanting a supplement from Ohio (suppose Marietta) by Chillicothe to Cincinnati. or do such roads exist already? this line being compleated, we must have a horse post which will effect it in 6. days, say from Washington to St. Louis. they are distant not quite 13°. of longitude of 46. 2/3 miles each, say 600. miles; and a mail ought to go every day as much over 100. miles as the necessary deviations from a straight line amount to.

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