Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from T. H. Backer, 10 July 1806

Amsterdam 10th. July 1806

Invoice of One Box Containing Books, Shipped agreable to order and for Account & Risk of Messrs. Mayer & Brantz Merchants of Baltimore, and Citizens of the United States of America, on board the American Ship Lovely Nan Capt: Andrew Coffin, bound to Baltimore, marked as in margin, to wit.

MB One Box Containing Several Books, according to Bills Sent herewith, viz
Amount of Bill for President Jefferson ƒ340.
 ditto of do Bishop Madison } Williamsburg 376. 10.
 & profesor Girardin
 ditto of do M. Abm. Bradley Federalcity 42. 10. —.
 ditto of do Name Unknown 58. —.
Outward duties, permits passes &et ƒ26.10.—
Shipping, Charges, boathire &et 1.10.—
Consular Certificate of property 3.10.—
Premium of Insurance against all risks Amd
   Account on ƒ950 at 7 pct ƒ66.10.— } 67.10.—
       Policy 1.— 99. —. —.
ƒ916. —.
Commission at 2 pct 18. 6. —.
For which I Charge Messr Mayer & Brantz } ƒ934. 6.
in Account

ƒ848.10. = $373.34. a 15 pct $56.— 

Errors Excepted

T H Backer


Exd. Nov. 10. 1806.

W L Duese

MHi: Coolidge Collection.

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