Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Albert Gallatin, 5 July 1806

Treasury Department July 5th. 1806.


I have the honor to enclose the Copy of a representation from New London, requesting an increase of Salary for the Keeper of the Light House on Little Gull Island. The Collector of Sag-harbour who has the Superintendence of that Light House, informs also that the present Keeper will not Stay for the present Salary. As he receives the highest rate of compensation which has been allowed for those Services I am induced to Submit the propriety of encreasing such of the other Salaries as may be found too low, either absolutely or compared with those of others; and, in order to enable you to form a correct opinion, the enclosed Statement has been prepared, Shewing the Situation and height of the Several Light Houses, the Salaries now allowed, and an abstract of the observations made by the Several Superintendents on the Subject. The Keepers who in my opinion are most entitled to an increase, are in the first place those of, Newport, Gull Island & Portsmouth, and next, those of Montauk, Sandy Hook & Tybee. And as the Salaries are on the whole moderate, having been fixed principally in 1790, permit me to Submit to your consideration the following increase, viz:

To the Keepers of the Light Houses of Portsmouth, Newport, Gull Island and Tybee, one hundred dollars each.

To the Keepers of the Light Houses of Sandy Hook, Montauck, Cape Hatteras, Cape Fear & Charleston, Sixty six dollars & two thirds each.

To the Keepers of the Light House of Gayhead twenty five dollars.

Although not Specially recommended, and as relates to Massachusetts and Cape Henlopen, rather discountenanced by the Superintendents, it appears to me that the following increase would only place the Several Keepers on a par with those in a Similar Situation, as relates either to locality or the Size of the Light Houses, viz:

To the Keepers of the Light Houses of Cape Henlopen, Cape Henry & Georgetown South Carolina, Sixty six dollars & two thirds each.

To the Keepers of the Light Houses of Cape Cod, Cape Poge, Portland, New London, Faulkner’s Island, Lynde Point and Five mile point, twenty five dollars each.

The several increased compensations, in those cases where they may be approved, to commence from the first day of January last. I have the honor to be with the highest respect Sir Your most obedient Servant

Albert Gallatin

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