Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from John O’Neill, 31 May 1806

This City Annapolis 31st. May 1806


In my last letter from Baltimore you knew me most bitter than other wise if am to the vice President & you at the [. . . .] it is not impossible but that we can [. . . .] it so as to suit all Notions and by those [. . . .] you are incapacitated by infirmity to fill your Station [. . . .] I may be wise enough to fill your plan. not other wise. You evidently do possess more virtue than any other of whom I have any knowledge A [. . . .] Slip by a Chief magestrate might be the means of the downfall of a Nation and consequently leave her whole people in mercy of unprincipled Tyrants. I see your virtues through Medium of which others are Strangers to. You see that I have volunteered my services in the view to serve man in general. am capable of doing it. Human nature is the same equaly the high not better than others still to [. . . .] a [. . . .] upon nations for them all to [. . . .] of a few [. . . .] be [. . . .] like. but can the victime, then suffer because I [. . . .] the just thing, leave it with you to informally judge. My Character is same. Your Country took it away the [. . . .] have to restore it. Will you interform: the way above stated is the only way

my wife Miss Patterson is disposed to even elope with me, her, father is a[. . . .] to it her mother has no objection I have no money will you not think it [. . . .] in a Christian point of View to [. . . .] from in that way which Shall prevent you from being brought into question You know that as good as She is. Other wise You among you, can regulate it an other being equally at Compattable to the dignity of your Country and am, with out purchase or force. & without ransom. by appropriating one of the two Millions to make me ellegible in point of property My father perhaps. may be called to the Crown of Great Britain in six Months. the Political Situation of Europe at Present require it Other wise france [. . . .]ly destroy G Britain. I wish to remain in this Country therefore in order to possess the liberty of the Country it is much better that you and your Council, take early Steps [. . . .] by [. . . .] You may not have it in your power to effect your Object. this rank procedure would turn the balance of Power which never can be [. . . .] to [. . . .] G: Britain but by this means. am well versed in the intrigues of Foreign Courts. I am about to remain at Mr. Reynolds place perhaps for three Months occasionally turn your eyes that way. knowing as you do that a [. . . .] Man is in that direction of Maryland. who is not to be turned away too far by the tide of motive Bigotry & Superstition. am certainly worthy of an humble support. I have parts for any thing. but virtue is my only course. You perhaps hath a Son. who is to live after you. it appears in the mean time that have no friends. I am Sir. with due honor & respect your mo obt.

Jno O’Neill

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