Thomas Jefferson Papers

TJ’s List re Correspondence of James Madison to James Monroe, 17 May 1806

2 Mch 1803-17 May 1806

Dates of letters written by the Secy. of State to Colo. Monroe.

1803. Mar. 2. [Monroe
Apr. 18. Livingston & Monroe
do. do.
27. Minister at London. case of Hunter
May 16. do.  case of Le Coulteux
28. Livingston and Monroe.
July 29. Monroe. Spanish negocian.
do. Liv &—Convention of Apr. 30.
Sep. 29. M. at London. relating to Spain
Oct. 22. circular. President’s message
24. M. public subjects
Nov. 1. M. case of M. Elevec
Dec. 13. M. case of Ira Allen
1804. Jan. 5. M. instrns for treaty with G.B.
16. circular. delivy. of Louisiana.
Feb. 14. M. relating to Convention of limits.
Mar. 5. do. sundries. Expn. of treaty of 1794.
Apr. 15. 18. M. instrns for treaty at Madrid.
22. M. as to a particular case.
May 25. M. as to his destn. to N.O. & to Merry & desiring to proceed to Madrid
June 14. M. a particular case
July 8. Monroe & Pinkney. instrns as to negocian at Madrid.
20. M. as to Driver
Sep. 12. M. British irregularities
Oct. 11. M. particular case.
26. M. urges him to Madrid. general & long uncertain whether he was at London or set out for Madrid &c
1805. Mar. 6. M. long & general. return to London
15. M. particular case
25. do. do.
26. do. do.
Apr. 4. do. do.
12. M. long. Col. principle.
May 4. M. stating omission of claims subsequent to 1792.
13. circular as to Quarantines.
25. M. to Madrid. long and general.
June 21. M. inclosing copy of remarks to Genl. A. as to Louisiana.
July 24. M. circular as to Harbour act.
Aug. 5. M. particular case.
Sep. 7. M. F. records. B. order of 1803.
M. as to ship Huntress with stores.
Dec. 4. M. circular. message to Congress.
1806. Jan. 13. M. Colon. Wade. &c enclosing pamphlet on neutral rights
Feb. 20. M. particular case.
Mar. 20. M. unimportant.
1806. Apr. 7. M. to Lyman not sent.
23. M. end of session of Congress. apppoinmt of joint Commrs.
22. M. letter to Harris open as a communication of objects with Russia.
May 15. M. explns. enlargemt of treaty, & new objects for the joint commn. if the single one over. provisional successr of mr Pinkney, in case M. persists in intention to return, & Conventn of limits not included in joint commn
May 17. M. instructions to M. & P.

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