Thomas Jefferson Papers

Matters to be Discussed With Heads of Departments, 30 April 1806

[ca. Apr. 1806]


Detachmt militia

brig to cruize on coast.

treaty with Gr. Br.

force in Medn.

remove Swartwout

blockade of N.Y.   murder of Pierce by Leander

Secy. State

Govr. Harrison’s commn. May 12.

Consul Tunis. Burwell. Griffiths.

  Govr. Louisa. } Monroe. Fayette. Claiborne.

Marshal of Maine

2400. D. Caramelli

Nissen resoln of Congress

Barnes vice Oakley


road from Cincinnati, Vincennes, St. Louis

 Nashville. Natchez.




fortifin &c. harbours.

Superint Indn. commerce.

Write to Wilkerson.

defence N. Orleans

Dr. Smith to be given up.

explans to Cherokees & Chickasaws

Indian boundary to be run. D. Smith

houses of accomodn from Nashville to Natchez

mercht: to undertake Indn. commerce


buildg. gunboats.

stationing 1. those returng from Medn.

 2. those lately built.

promotions of officers

any armed vessels to be sold?

Moore’s maps 50. & Rios’s book 25


Dr. Ewell

Act for support of navy for 1806.


Naval peace establamt

13. capts. 9. mast. commdt. 72. Lieuts. 150 midshipmen 925. seamen


Barbary powers. 1st. section of act contd


40,000 D. towds. compleating S. Wing of Capitol


Indian treaty approprns 1. Delawares, Potawatamis, &c, 2. Wyandots, Munsis &c, 3. Cherokees. 4. Creeks


Indian trading houses. appt Superintendt 2000. d.

appt Agent to each new tradg house.


2400. D. to Hamet Caramelli


150,000 D. to have ports & harbours better fortifd. & protectd

250,000. D. to build gunboats not exceedg 50.

20,000 D. to officer & man them

any armed vessels may be sold, when so much out of repair as that it will not be for intt. of US. to repair


roads from Athens towds N.O. to 31°. 6000. d
from Misipi to Ohio & to Grenville line 6000. D.
from Nashville to Natchez. 6000. D.

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