Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Nathan Pendleton, 3 April 1806

State of Connecticut,
Stonington Apl. 3d AD 1806—

Honorable Sir,

  We the republican committee of arangements, for this Town And port, having this day met together for the purpose of Assertaining, the friends of the President, and present administration, of the general Government, And for the support of the same in this State, Beg leave to observe That we View with abhorrance the nefarious practices, adopted by the Insidious enemies of Republicanism, who by falshood and Scandal endeavour to divide and mislead its friends, and render contemtable all concernd. in its administration, Impressed as we are with the Importance of harmony amongst our selves, and a firm adherence to principle, we cannot view but with displeasure, republicans throwing themselves under the Influence of modern federalism for the purpose of Obtaining suffrages, to which they are not entitled by Merit—after these remarks we beg leave to State, that this Town is one of the largest in this State, That they are about Two thirds Republicans, the remainder either doubtfull or Violent Feds. That the Town has a petition before Congress, to be reEstablished as a port of entry, (as they were under the State Government) That if they should succeed, A Collector of course will be Necessary, That the success of the petition is the wish of all here save about five Violent Feds. who if they cannot defeat the petition will do all in their power to create divisions amongst republicans, by recommending some doubtfull One, totally Under their influence we therefore think it a duty we Owe the public, from the trust reposed in Us in relation to Men And principles, to Acquaint the executive of the Genl. Government, That in case a Collecr. should be necessary at our port, we recommend Colo. Jonathan Palmer, the present Surveyor for that office, whose public and private Character can Not be impeached, but by Fedls. And whose patriotism and friendship for the General Government, are beyound a doubt, And his Influenc extensive and Necessary at this time for the Republican Cause, Colo. Palmer was in Service 76, And has Since held the office of collector under the State Government Till Our port was Annex’d to NewLondon under the New revenue System—That he has formerly been Many years a Select Man of this Town and a representative at our Assembly, ’till rendred ineligible by a law of this State, for holding offices under the general Government, If any thing further should be wished in relation to his Character referance may be had to Mr. Granger And Genl. Joseph Stanton, a Member from Rhod Island Now at Congress.—with Assurances of Friendship, And the highest esteem, for the President and Genl. Government we Subscribe Our Selves—with great Devotion.—

Nathan Pendleton–Town Manager

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