Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Betsy Beauchamp, 10 March 1806

March the 10 day 1806

Honoured sir

I am under the obligation to inform you that I am in a distressed situation at present and has ben for three weeks and stil grows wors with me for I Cant get now work atal to do and am a suffering for vituals and fire wood we have maide out all this winter until now I have aplyd to the Corperation and they say that I and my poor old mother and my sickley husband and my Childrean I have foure of them O honoured sir how it hurts my fealings to think they said I must go to the poore house when my hands does not refuse to work if I could get it to do for a suport of life. I Came over heare to alexandria upon the account of my brother Isack Moore being impresed by the English the first voige he went after he was out of amarica sirvice and has ben there going on three yeare I got a protection and sent it on for him and I trust in god and threw the wish and proposasl you have maid for the amaricans honoured sir he will be Cleard it is my disire to leave this place for we have all sufferd a great deal here sicknes & poverty there fore I send to you with tears my dear an hounere master hoping you will be pleased to think of a poor distresed woman wors than I have wrote I humble beg if you will be pleased to give me somthing to get me some procietion and pay my pasag a Cros the bay for there is a pasag here that we Could get on thirsday or a friday if we were able to pay our pasage there foure if you wil be pleased send me something Cary me a way I will give ten thousan thanks and I hope that god will be your protector threw life

Betsy Beauchamp

honoured master be pleased to excuse me for interupd your honour with thise lines. It is suffering has made me do it honoured sir if it is you good will and pleasur to help me be pleased to put in aletter my honoured sir.

MHi: Coolidge Collection.

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