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From Thomas Jefferson to John Beckley, 6 March 1806

Mar. 6. 1806.

Th: Jefferson to mr Beckley.

At the time I wrote to Pougens at Paris for books for the library commee I wrote for some volumes of the Encyclopedie for myself, instructing him expressly not to blend the accounts, and to pack & address the books separately. he nevertheless packed them together & recieved paiment for the whole from mr Livingston, to wit 1866. livre tournois for the committee & 535. livre tournois for me. mr Livingston also paid the expences of package at Paris & freight to Havre 87livre tournois—15—3 = 16.23 D my books occupied about half of one box at Havre 2. hampers of wine of mine were shipped with the 2. boxes of books. I paid all freight from Havre to Norfolk, duties & port charges at Norfolk, & freight to George town. I therefore settle the whole on the following principles.   1. Expences of package at Paris, freight to Havre, & duties at Norfolk are divided in proportion to prime cost, to wit, 1836: livre tournois 535 livre tournois 2. freight from Havre to Norfolk &, Georgetown is charged to the commee and to Th:J. the account then will stand thus.

The library committee in account with Th: Jefferson Dr. Cr.
By paiment to Pougens for the books of Th:J. 535 livre tournois 98. 98
By proportion of 16.23 D freight from Paris to Havre & packages 3. 62
To paiments by Th:J. freight from Havre to Norfolk 7.32
do. Norfolk to George town 2.75
duties at Norfolk 52.22
bonds, permit drayage .37
To check on bank US. for balance 39.94
102.60 102. 60

Th: Jefferson

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