Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes on Appointments, 21 February 1806

^ William Cranch to be Chief judge of the circuit court of the district of Columbia
Aflen Bowie Ducket of Maryland to be an assistant judge
^ Pierrepoint Edwards of Connecticut to be judge of the district court of Connecticut.
^ Phineas Manning lately appd. Collector of the Distr. of Perth Amboy to be also Inspector of revenue for the port of Perth Amboy.
^ 3 James Lovell of Orleans—to be Surveyor for the port of Orleans
^ David Parmelye of Misipi territy. to be a Comr. of land titles for the Western district of the territory of Orleans.
^ 4 Philip Ford of Marld. to be Surveyor of the port of Llewillyn’s burgh & Inspector of the revenue for the same
John Stone. republican. good character. recomd by J. T. Mason & J. Campbell
Philip Ford. republican. good character. 3. mi. from Llewllsbg. Delegate. Sheriff. Justice. assocte. justice recomd Duv[. . .]
^ 2 John Armsrong M.P. US. Paris & James Bowdoin M.P. US. Madrd, to be joint M.P. & extre. for settling difference with Spain respecting Spolians & the territories on both sides Misipi
^ George Davis late Consl. US. Tunis to be Cons. US. Tripoli.


Louisiana. Theodoric Bland of Maryland to be a judge

Indiana or Michigan. Otto Shrader of Pensva. to be a judge.

Stanley Griswold of Michigan to be Register of the land office at Detroit v. Hoffman

Consuls. Tunis

Hanson Briscoe of Maryld. to be a Comr. for the road from Ft. Cumbld to Ohio.

Otto Shrader of Pensva to be one of the judges

Hoffman   to be judge of Indiana

Robert Grayson

Noah Lester

Jesse Atvales

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