Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Charles Willson Peale, 8 February 1806

Museum Feby. 8. 1806.

Dear Sir

The enclosed profiles I hope will be acceptable, the names were repeated to me by one of the Interpretors & may not be correctly spelt. No. 1 Sagessaga, Great Chief of the Osages. 2. Verygran, Chief of Auc. 3 Waconsca, Counsel of Nations. 4 Tahawarra, Nation Souric. 5 Macassaba, Ditto. 6 Potaenga of the Osage Nation. 7 Pageogatse, Poine Nation. 8 Shegagahega, Nation Poine. 9 Quosquame, Sack Nation (fish Jumper) and 10 Mechenecka, of the Sack Nation. also the profils of the Interpretors —Paul Chateau Interpretor of Sacks. No. 11. Joseph Baume No. 12.—, Some of these Savages have interresting Characters by the lines of their faces.

If it is not giving you too much trouble I would wish to have your direction further on the Polygraphs on hand. A Box or two are useful to hold the Nibs of Pens, also to hold wafers & Wax and also a Penknife. suppose these were round Boxes of Silver of 3 or 4 Inches Diamir and might be divided in the Middle of each. These would be stronger than Wooden Boxes, and having the Tops to take off, they should be placed most out of the way of the Machinery, screwed fast. If it is your pleasure I would have in them a good Penknife made here with a Silver handle—also a Number of ready Made Pens, Sealing Wax and Wafers. As the Corners of the Boxs are bound with silver, if it should be desirable to Inscribe any sentiments, a plate of this form [GRAPHIC IN MANUSCRIPT] placed on the Middle of the Top, engraved in a neat stile. The work is now in considerable forwardness. since writing the above I find I have 2 profiles of the No. 10, so that I cannot say to which the name belongs with that number—accept my best wishes for your health, and believe me with high reguard your friend

CW Peale

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