Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to Albert Gallatin, 10 January 1806

Jan. 10. 06.

Th:J. to mr Gallatin

I have been too long in answering several matters recieved from you: but I have not had an earlier moment in which it could be done.

The appointment of a Surveyor General of Louisiana by the Governor can have no effect respecting the public lands. it is possible that the former laws, still subsisting, may have authorized the appointment of such an officer by the Governor, to execute surveys by orders of courts &c.

Considering that the occupiers of the mines have been permitted to work them for thirty odd years, & that we may shortly expect a report from the Commrs. which will let us know our own exactly, I should think it best not to remove them abruptly, which might be ruinous to them, but to instruct the Govr. to notify them that those working what shall appear to be public property will be removed in the course of the present year, & in the mean time advise them to be preparing to withdraw as early as they can. this instruction or any other you prefer, should I presume go from yourself to the Govr.

Wilkerson mentions having sent you a copy of the Spanish regulation forfieting lands for non-improvement. I should be glad to see it.

The validity of the Georgia tax on bank stock seems likely to be placed in it’s proper channel, the judiciary. it is best to leave it there.

Mr. Livingston, who recieved the remittance for books from Paris, never furnished any account. I awaited his coming here in hopes he could furnish an account, or gives us such facts as might enable us to state it. he said he was unable to do it; but as the money for paiment had been precisely drawn from our bankers, he supposed they had rendered an account to you which shewing what remained in their hands, would shew what had been paid. have you such an account? if not, possibly mr Beckley & myself, clubbing our papers, may make up an account near to the truth, & subject to future correction. affectionate salutations.

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