Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Henry Dearborn, 30 November 1805


I take the liberty of suggesting the following alterations in the enclosed Bill.

4 days in each year, in sted of once in every two months,—and all such as shall fail of attending, whether from absence or otherwise, to pay a fine of —, the days for training to be designated by law and copies posted [. . . .] our [. . . .] in the respective companies.

where there shall not be any gunboats or other suitable armed vessels; two or more cannon for each Company to be furnished by the Secretary of the Navy properly mounted, & supplied with necessiary apparatus & a reasonable quantity of ammunition.

From this mark =/ in such proportion of their whole number as circumstances may require.

From this mark x, or to furnish without delay a suitable substitute, he shall be liable to a fine of — and held in custody until one of the foregoing conditions shall be complied with.


H. Dearborn

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