Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from James Madison, 27 November 1805

Resol. 1. [substitute within any part of the former Louisiana comprehended in the delivery of possession thereof to the U.S.]

2. [omit]—[substitute as may consist with the honor of the U. States] this change will look less towards advances by the U.S. to effect” the adjustment.

4. [omit, as embarrassing and unefficacious ]

5. [quer. if not unnecessary and provided for by the preceedg. Resol.]

6. [omit, on the idea that witht this specification—amicable expence of adjustmt. will be in fact authorized, with an apparent reference to the use of force previously authorized]

The difficulty lies in covering an application of money to a new purchase of territory. As a means of adjustment it will be covered; but by a construction probably not entering into the views of Congs.

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