Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to Henry Dearborn, 23 October 1805

Oct. 23. 05.

Th:J. to Genl. Dearborne

Taking from our last Census the number of 384,554 free white males of the age of 16. and under 26. and distributing them according to their ages by Buffon’s table they stand thus.

between 16. and 18. 80,405. not of military age
in their 19th year 39,591
20th. 39,250
21st. 38,706
22d. 38,373
23d. 37,793
24th. 37,312
25th. 36,876
26th. 36,161 304,062

I found on trial that our Census gives us about more between 16. & 25, & 1/7 fewer between 25 & 45. than Buffon’s tables would: consequently they differ too much from the actual state of life here to be applied through any long period where accuracy is of any importance. our whole census gives us but 727,915 free white males of the military age, which is very far short of your estimate.   friendly salutations.

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