Thomas Jefferson Papers

Thomas Jefferson Randolph: Financial notes on TJ and TJR, 4 July 1826, 4 July 1826

July 4th 1826
Thomas Jefferson Dr to
James Lyle    7.095.
Opie Norris assurce of Higginbotham     5.026.
Andrei Pinni heir Mazzei    8.066
Hiram Saunder      344.90
A. Robertson Lynchburg    6.164.33
James Leitch    2.807.40
Banks in Richmond   16.540,
Ludlow of New York.    1.120.
Th. J. Randolph.   60.110.
Th. J. Randolph Dr to
Wm & Mary College  24.705
x Banks of Richmond 18.900
Banks of Lynchburg  3.600
x Kirby’s Executive  1.500
Norton’s Executive  1.240.
Literary Fund  7.500
John Neilson   .800
Robert Davis  2.619.
At the date of the sale of Col T. M. Randolph’s property
Th. J. Randolph as security and subsequent claimant as
such on his property was responsible for the debts of T. M. R.
for $33.500
T. M. R.’s personal property sold for $5.000
Real estate bid in by T. J. R. on a credit
of 1.2:3. years at 26.000. say cashed at  23.000
add Marshalls commissions &c &c   5.500
Amount of deficit to be paid by T. J. R.   6.300
This sum of deficit  6.300
Land bid in by T. J. R. equal to cash  23.00
Paid by sale of Pan-tops 17.860
sale of negroes by T. J. R.  7.000
Resale of land to Wells  5.000

Some of the debts due in the annexed statement are the remains of my father, my grandfather having received the funds in part or in whole destined to pay them—

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