Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Martin Dawson, 10 November 1825

Milton 10th November 1825

Dear Sir,

The Proctor of the University of Virginia, when he made advances to procure articles for the Libra & apparatus, Credited the said fund for the cost of the same his making his entries in this way occasioned the funds used for the University of Virga, to Appear less than they realy are $35.744.50, the entries is now put on the Books (which more than probable the Proctor hath advised you of) which will increase the Subject used to $377.081.10 varying from the one before furnished in Nothing except the increase produced by the said entries this is merely intended to enable you, should you lay the Subject before the Legislator to have the proper sum expenced, I have Written Mr Joseph C Cabell to the same purport as above

With Esteem Yo. Ob. Hu. Servant

Martin Dawson

you will see our half the stack of Papers containing the report contains a copy of a consolidated Accot before reported by John H. Cocke esquire, and a consolidated view (and to the same purpose as my report on the next half stack) If you think it advisable you can divide the stack



Balance sheet promised T. G. C. & J. H. C.  Libra & Apparatus cr $14.253.50
 do under cover P & D of the L F for Libra & Apparatus cr $50.000
 do Do Libra & Apparatus for sundry appropriations Dr  35.744.50


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