Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Bernard Peyton, 12 October 1825

Richd 12 Octr 1825

Dear Sir,

I sent forward your cask Wine some days ago, & hope it is safely with you before this—the Bundle of Books from New York, of which you enclosed me a bill of lading, was recd to day, & immediately forwarded to J. & Raphael, together with another small parcel, from a Mr Lewis of Spottsylvania, intended for yourself & Dr Blaettermann—I hope they will also get safe to hand—

I am deeply mortified to hear of the late riot at the University, & the exagerated accounts given of it thro’ the country, I hope & trust it may not injure the institution, but turn out a benefit in the end, by producing more rigour in the discipline.

The next time you have occasion to write Mr Madison, have the goodness to mention me to him, as a man of business here, as his late agent, Mr Lay, has recently become bankrupt, & he will require another, to dispose of his crops &C:, which he sends here now altogether—Don’t put yourself atall out of the way about it if you please—

How did you stand the ride to the University?—I was really alarmed when I heard you had ventured down there in your present health.—that it has improved since I left you is the sincere wish of Dear Sir

Yours very Truly & sincerely

Bernard Peyton


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