Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to Arthur S. Brockenbrough, 12 October 1825

Oct. 12. 25.

Mr Brockenbrough was before desired to remit to Genl Dearborn Collector of Boston on the marble capitels arrived there

  Freight from Leghorn to Boston  795.30
Expenses in Boston 17.50
Insurance 72.28

[note in Brockenbrough’s hand?]: Nov 9 ’25 Voucher recd

he is now desired to remit to Jonathan Thompson, Collector of New York on the bases & pavement arrived there

  Duties on 31. cases. @ 30. p.c. 394.32
Freight from Leghorn to N. York  264. 

[note in Brockenbrough’s hand?]: Check remitd to Richd Nov: 10 ’25

2. copies of the printed enactments to be sent me:

contract with the printer for a 2d edition of 400. copies

send me all the deeds of the lands made to the University

Venetian blinds to all the lower windows of the Pavilions

Urinaries to be built

get Nelson’s drawing of the Eagle ornament for Frize

other ornaments?

there remains due to Thos Appleton 362. D 77 c to be remitted to Thos Perkins, President of the Union insurance, Boston.

[note in Brockenbrough’s hand?]: Check remitd to Richd Nov 10. ’25

Th: J.

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