Thomas Jefferson Papers

TJ: Statement of the University of Virginia Library Fund and debts of the General Fund, 19 Sept. 1825, 19 September 1825

 A Statement of the Library fund. Sep. 19. 25. to wit of  50,000
For finishing the Library room  6 000
Paid Dr Emmet for Chemical apparatus & minerals  500.
Due to the General fund for advance for books & apparatus  7,677.81
Advanced to Hilliard to purchase books accdg to Catalogue 18,000.
Advanced for purchase of Philosophical Apparatus  6,300
  for do Anatomical  3,157.50
Expenses of transportn and other miscellaneous articles  289.58
 Balance to be still applied appropriately  8,075.11 50,000.

Debts of the General fund requiring prompt payment
To the Professors payable Sep. 30. 2600.
To the Proctor, Librarian, Janitor, Secrety of Faculty, mercts Etc  1968.32
Balance to Thos Appleton  362.77
Collector of N. York  freight for bases Etc  264
old duties 15. p.c.  197.16  461.16
Collector of Boston freight for Capitels. probably 1320.
old duties 15. p.c. probably 1881. 3201.


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