Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to Edgar Mason, 12 August 1825

Monticello Aug. 12. 22. 1825

I am very thankful gentlemen for the honor done me by the society of which you are a commee in electing me one of it’s honorary members. I could decline no distinction conferred by them, nor service I could render them, but on reasons of still higher importance to themselves. on maturely weighing the general relation in which the law of the Univty and the appmt of it’s visitors have placed me as to every member of the instn I believe it is my duty to make no change in those relations by entering into addnal & different ties with different associans of it’s members. the duties with which I am charged require that in all cases which may arise I should stand in an equal position as to every person concerned, not only that I may preserve the inestimable consciousness of impartiality to all, but the equally inestimable exemption from all suspicion of partialities. your kind expressions towds myself ensure to me I hope an equally kind acceptance of the reasons on which I act, and I can add with truth on behalf of my colleagues of the visitn that the highest reward they can recieve for their joint cares and exertions on behalf of this instn, is the anticipated hope and belief that they are rearing up in science and in virtue those on whom the hopes of their country rest for it’s future govmt and prosperity. for my self I pray you to accept assurances of my sincere affections & best wishes

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