Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Appleton, 10 August 1825

Monticello Aug. 10. 25.

Dear Sir

I had been so long without hearing from you ( my last from you being dated Oct. 8. 24.) that I sat down to communicate my anxieties to you which I had accdly done in a long letter when the mail of that day brought me your’s of Apr. 13. and rendered mine of course useless. I learn with regret that you had suffered inconvenience from the want of remittances, your former letters had given me reason to believe that the last and most important articles of our marble works would be ready for delivery in May, on the 7th of Mar. therefore I had had a remittance made of the sum of 3000.D. which you suppose would be about the balance due to you, and which would reach you in May in readiness for the delivery. the following statemt of payments is I believe nearly exact.

1823. Oct. 8. we ordered 10. Corinthn Capitels for adimd diam. of 32. 4 I. Eng. @ 550. D 5 500 
2. semi capitels for pilasters @ 290. D each 580 
cases, say about 60 
1824. May 17. we ordered 1400. sq. f. paving slabs @ 22½ D pr 100. feet 315   
6 455 
   D c
1823. Oct. 8. we remitted 4000.D. which netted 3,940.50.
1825. Mar. 7. we remitted 3000. D netting perhaps not quite 3,000 6,940. 50
making a balance on that acct in our favor of abt 485. 50
Cash advanced to Raggi 50.  
535. 50
1823. Sep. 8  Raggi’s contract for 10. bases to the Columns @ 65 = 650 
 2. semibases @ 32.50 65. 715  
suppose an additional allowance 100 815. 00 
 balance due T. A. for capitels, bases, pavement 280. 50 

This Apercu would make a balance still due you from the University of 280.D. which should be now remitted were it the exact one. but hoping you will have sent an exact one with the Capitels Etc. I shall defer remitting till I recieve the exact acct when a remittance of the exact balance will close the present transactions between the University and yourself.

Accept my respectful and frdly salutns

Th: J.


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