Thomas Jefferson Papers
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To Thomas Jefferson from Thomas Appleton, 22 June 1825

Thomas Jefferson of Monticello, to Th: Appleton of Leghorn—Dr
1825 Dollars
June To 10 corinthian capitels of 324/10 inches diminished diameter @ Dollrs 550 each. 5500.
To 2 half do for pilasters @ 290. each 580.
T.J 6080.
38 @ 61–
To 24 cases @ Dollars 4.50 each 108.
To custom house duties @ 50 each 12.
To p’d detention of the vessel from Carrara 10 days, as the American vessel was in quarantine, to avoid a much greater expenses in Landing & extra duties
at 3 Dollrs ⅌ day  30.
To p’d freight from Carrara of the bases, omitted in account of May £200.—
To p’d on 31 cases by Ship Carolina omitted in accots of May, Coll’d signing money to American Captns @ £1  31.—
To do on the above 24 cases £1  24.—
£255 are 40. 27—
Dollars.— 6270. 27—
Leghorn 22 June 1825
Th: Appleton
Dr Thomas Jefferson of Monticello, in account Current with Thomas Appleton of Leghorn Cr
1825 Dollars  Cts 1825 Dollrs Cts
June To amount of ten whole & two half Capitels argeeably to within account 6,270. 27— May By balance due you, as ⅌ account Current remitted in may, by Ship Caroline 2875. 50.—
By a bill of excha remitted to S. Williams. London for £675–Sterling; but as the amount is not yet receiv’d by me, I cannot precisely credit the sum, but which I presume, will be about—3000–Dollars
Leghorn 22 June 1825
Th: Appleton

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