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Robley Dunglison: List of anatomical preparations for UVa, received 21 May 1825, 21 May 1825

Head injected so as to exhibit the course of the Carotids—as well as of the vertebral arteries

A Dried preparation of the Uterus, bladder, scotam, &c. in situ.

An injected preparation of the heart with the adjacent vessels & Thoracic duct with, or without, the head attached.

An injected fetus to exhibit the fœtal circulation.

A prepared Penis.

The testes, with the artery, vein, & vas deferens injected.

The vessels of the mesentery injected.

Bones injected & rendered transparent to shew their vascularity.

Intestine injected.

Liver, spleen, kidney or pancreas injected preparation of the

Section of the head so as to exhibit the falx cerebri &c. carried down through the face or not.

Any preparation to shew the lymphatics.

Preparation to shew the Cancelli of Bone.

Dried Urinary Bladder, Penis &c.

Dried preparation of the heart to shew its valves, cavities, chorda tendineae &c.

Preparation of the lungs in Spirit to exhibit their vascularity.

Head laid out according to Gall & Spurzheim’s system.

Wet preparation to shew the thoracic & abdominal viscera in situ in a child (anterior [. . .].)

Preparation of the stomach wet or dry.

Dried preparation of the larynx, trachea &c

Urinary or Biliary calculi:

Any preparation, of the ligaments, especially of those of the Pelvis.

Male & Female Pelvis. (two or three female)

Foetal Pelvis & Skeleton

Any morbid preparation, with the histories attached.

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