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From Thomas Jefferson to Arthur S. Brockenbrough, 4 March 1824

Mar. 4. 24.

An Estimate of the income and expences of the University from Jan. 1. to Dec. 31. 1823.
1823. Jan. 1.  Annuity of 1823 15,000.    Debts Oct. 7. 1822. by M. D’s settlemt 27,001.63
May 1. Loan of 1823 60,000. Int. on loans of 20. 21. for year 22.  7,200.
Arrears of sbscrptns, sperate  15,868.96 Current expences officers, laborers, provis Etc   4,500.
  Garden walls & other finishings of 4. rows  1,412.99
  remaining for building Rotunda 50,754.34
      90,868.96      90,868.96

Th: J. to mr Brockenbrough.

The above is a true Estimate, I think, for the year 23. shewing that at the end of that year (all debts and expences to that day paid) we should have had remaining for the Rotunda 50,754.34 to which sum we must restrain expenditures on that building, in order that the whole annuity of 24. may be in hand, clear of all former demands to meet the expences of 24.

In my former statement I had taken into account the surplus of the annuity of 22. (interest off) 7800.D. without observing that that had already entered into mr Dawson’s account, which included every thing to Oct. 7. 22.

On analysing your acct of payments from Oct. 1. to Dec. 31. 23 I find

For garden walls and other finishings for the 4. rows 1312. 99
For currt expences of 23. to wit, officers, laborers, provns, taxes Etc  882. 51½
For do of 24. 317. 50
For the Rotunda 7253. 92
9766. 92½

and I think you said there were about 100.D. still due for garden walls Etc

P.S. I must ask the favor of 800 bricks more

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