Thomas Jefferson Papers

Enclosure: Thomas Jefferson’s Account with Frederick A. Mayo, [ca. 1 September 1822]


Account with Frederick A. Mayo

[ca. 1 Sept. 1822]

   The Hono: Thomas Jefferson
[182]2  to Frederick A Mayo
[Marc]h 7.  to binding in extra Calf 4 Vols Dion Cassius @ 75. $3 
April 12  to Ditto 2 Vols Edingburg Review @ 75 1. 50
to 3 Vols Montagne in extra Calf    @ 125 3. 75
Sept 1.  to binding 9. Vols Plutarch in extra Calf @  75 6. 75
to Ditto 3 Vols Herodotus     do 2  25
to Ditto 2 Vols Thucydides    @ 75 1. 50
to Ditto 5 Vols Xenoph      @ 75 3. 75
to Ditto 2 Vols Biblia      @ 75 1  50
$24. 00

MS (MHi); in Mayo’s hand; conjoined with covering letter; mutilated at seal; undated.

extra calf is “a better grade of calfskin in lieu of morocco” (Matt T. Roberts and Don Etherington, Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books: A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology [1982], 95). biblia is the Latin spelling of “Bible.”

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