Thomas Jefferson Papers

Frederick A. Mayo to Thomas Jefferson, 22 July 1822, with Jefferson’s Note

From Frederick A. Mayo, with Jefferson’s Note

Richmond the 22 July 1822.

Hono: Sir

I am some what at the loss, respecting the small Vols now on hand, as your Honours directions mention (letter all the Vols of Plutarch as each is now lettert on the back) and so as it respects the rest, it cartaintly can be done, but will not the title be verry large & corouded, at least much longer than common, as the piece of morreoco on the back must be the Size of two titles to contain the same, and the Vols have become considerable smaller, but should it be your hono: wish, not to shorten the titles, the Vols shall be done in that way; and I hope I will be partend for haveing inquirit, as your Hono: Orders had been plainly given before

Your humble Servant

Frederick A Mayo

[Note by TJ beneath endorsement:]

July. 26. answd leaving it to himself

RC (MHi); at foot of text: “The Hono: Tho: Jefferson”; endorsed by TJ as received 25 July 1822 and so recorded in SJL.

TJ’s directions are not recorded in SJL and have not been found, but his july. 26 reply, also missing, is listed there.

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