Thomas Jefferson Papers

Thomas Jefferson to Dodge & Oxnard, 11 June 1822

To Dodge & Oxnard

Monticello June1 11. 1822.

Messrs Dodge and Oxnard

My last to you was of the 19th of April of the last year. since that I have recieved yours of Sep. 24. and Oct. 1. 21. the articles by the brig Union were also recieved in good order and of approved qualities. I now make my annual request for the articles noted at the end of this letter, to meet which I remit with this letter to my friend mr John Vaughan of Philadelphia the sum of 180.D. which I am in hopes he will invest and forward to you in a bill of mr Girard’s on Paris as usual. this, according to former prices, with the little balance in your hands, I suppose sufficient for the articles, and little balances either way may be settled in the next annual call. I wish you may recieve it in time to ship the articles in all September which is of importance towards their escaping the summer heats and winter storms & cold. if you will be so kind on reciept of the remittance to drop me a line, it will the sooner relieve suspence as to it’s safe conveyance. I will thank you for information also of the price of the best brandies of your port. I salute you with great esteem and respect.

Th: Jefferson

100. bottles  of Ledanon.2
240. do vin rouge de Bergasse.
125. do Muscat de Rivesalte.
100. do vin blanc de Limoux.
 36. do virgin oil of Aix.
 75. ℔ maccaroni.
 6. double bottles Anchovies.3

P.S. July 1. the inclosed letter to mr Appleton our Consul at Leghorn, being important, I have thought I could not adopt a safer conveyance than by asking permission to pass it in this my duplicate4 thro’ your hands. what it will cost you in postage you will place of course to my account.

RC (NjP: Andre deCoppet Collection); addressed: “Joshua Dodge esq. Consul of the US. of America Marseilles”; lacking 1 July postscript; stamped; postmarked; endorsed by a representative of Dodge & Oxnard as received 17 Aug. PoC (MHi); on verso of cover addressed in an unidentified hand to a “Mr Madison”; with added postscript to missing Dupl at foot of text; notation by TJ written perpendicularly in left margin: “1st thro Vaughan. 2te thro’ off. of State & Gallatin”; at foot of recto: “turn over” for Dft of TJ to Dodge & Oxnard, 2 July [1822], on verso; endorsed by TJ: “Dodge & Oxnard. June 11. 22. & P.S. July 1”; with note by Thomas Jefferson Randolph on a small scrap, attached next to TJ’s list, recording his own order for 96 bottles of claret, 24 of muscatel, 24 of Limoux wine, 25 pounds of macaroni, and 12 bottles of oil, which would cost, according to his calculations, a total of $42.72. Recorded in SJL under both 11 June and 1 July 1822, with the latter reading (brackets in original): “Dodge & Oxnard. 2te & P.S. to lre of June 11. [thro’ same channel]” as preceding entry (i.e., United States Department of State and Albert Gallatin). Enclosures: TJ to Thomas Appleton, 11, 12 June 1822. Enclosed in TJ to John Vaughan, 11 June, 2 July 1822, and TJ to Daniel Brent, 1 July 1822, not found (see note to TJ to Appleton, 11 June 1822).

1Word interlined in place of “May.”

2In left margin of RC adjacent to each item in TJ’s list, a representative of Dodge & Oxnard placed a “TJ” followed by the number assigned to the box or boxes in which each article was to be transported. To the right of the list, the same person noted how TJ’s wine was to be shipped: the Ledanon in twenty-five containers, the vin rouge in eight boxes, each to contain thirty bottles, and the muscatel and vin blanc in boxes holding twenty-five bottles.

3Remainder only in PoC.

4Preceding four words interlined.

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