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Enclosure: Oliver Everett’s Advertisement for the Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, [ca. 22 April 1822]


Oliver Everett’s Advertisement for the Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

[ca. 22 Apr. 1822]


of the



has received and has for sale, at no. 6, court-street, complete sets of

THE MEMOIRS OF THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES in four volumes, quarto, commencing in 1785, and continued to the present year. These volumes contain a series of valuable papers, on various subjects of Science and Literature, and from some of the most distinguished writers in America. Among the Memoirs are found

in volume i.   in volume iii.
Several Astronomical Papers, by the late President Willard and Professor Williams; Observations of the Transit of Mercury in 1782, by Dr. Cutler at Ipswich and Judge Winthrop at Cambridge; several Philosophical Papers, by Hon. Mr. Bowdoin, the first President of the Society; Dr. Williams’ Account of the Dark Day, May, 1780; Papers on the Volcanic Appearances in West River Mountain; Dr. Cutlers Catalogue of Indigenous Plants; On the Retreat of House Swallows in Winter, by Hon. S. Dexter, Sen. Mr. Bowditchs Observations on the Comet of 1807, and on the Eclipse of 1806; Mr. Kendals Account of Dighton Rock, with a large Copper Plate representation of the same; Judge Davis’ attempt to explain the Inscription; Mr. Bowditch on the Meteor which exploded over Weston, (Conn.) in 1807; On the Elements of the Orbit of the Comet of 1811; Astronomical Papers of Professor Dean; Professor Farra[rs] Abstract of Meteorological Tables kept at Cambridg[e] from 1790 to 1807; Mr. Pickering on Americanisms:
  in volume ii.   in volume iv.
Judge Lowell’s Eulogy on the Hon. James Bowdoin; President Willards Observations on the Transit of Mercury in 1789; Dr. Holyokes Observations on the difference of temperature in the same latitudes in Europe and America; Dr. Wigglesworths Tables on the Proportions of Deaths to Births in Massachusetts; Mr. Bowditchs New Method of Working Lunar Observations; Chief Justice Parsons’ Solution of an Astronomical Problem; Judge Winthrops Account of Dighton Rock: Dr. Bigelows Account of the Life and Writings of Count Rumford; Mr. Bowditch on a Mistake in the Solar Tables of Mayer, La Lande, and Zach, with several other Papers by the same Gentleman; Professor Peck on the Sea Serpent; Mr. Pickering on the Pronunciation of the Greek Language; and on a uniform Orthography of the Indian Languages of North America; Professor Everett on an inedited Roman Inscription of the Age of Augustus; and on some Greek Manuscripts procured at Constantinople in 1819.

The foregoing constitute but a small portion of the contents of the volumes of the Memoirs of the American Academy; of which complete sets, single volumes, or parts of volumes, may be had at No. 6, Court-Street.

Broadside (DLC: TJ Papers, 222:39607); with address cover of covering letter on verso; undated; edge torn at seal.

inedited: “unpublished” (OED description begins James A. H. Murray, J. A. Simpson, E. S. C. Weiner, and others, eds., The Oxford English Dictionary, 2d ed., 1989, 20 vols. description ends ).

Index Entries

  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Memoirs search
  • astronomy; study of search
  • Bigelow, Jacob; writings of search
  • birds; swallows search
  • botany; study of search
  • Bowditch, Nathaniel; writings of search
  • Bowdoin, James (1726–90); eulogy for search
  • Bowdoin, James (1726–90); writings of search
  • comets; study of search
  • Cutler, Manasseh search
  • Davis, John (1761–1847) search
  • Dean, James search
  • Dexter, Samuel; writings of search
  • English language; dialects of search
  • Everett, Edward; writings of search
  • Everett, Oliver; andMemoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences search
  • Farrar, John; writings of search
  • geology; study of search
  • Greek language; pronunciation of search
  • Greek language; works in search
  • Holyoke, Edward A.; writings of search
  • Indians, American; languages search
  • Kendall, Edward Augustus search
  • Lalande, Joseph Jérôme Le Français de; mentioned search
  • language; Indian (American) search
  • Lowell, John; writings of search
  • Massachusetts; works on search
  • Mayer, Tobias search
  • Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences search
  • Mercury (planet) search
  • meteorology; works on search
  • meteors search
  • Parsons, Theophilus; writings of search
  • Peck, William D. search
  • Pickering, John (1777–1846); writings of search
  • Rome, ancient; historians of search
  • Rumford, Benjamin Thompson, Count; biography of search
  • snakes; sea serpents search
  • swallows; migration of search
  • Wigglesworth, Edward search
  • Willard, Joseph search
  • Williams, Samuel (1743–1817); writings of search
  • Winthrop, James search
  • Zach, Franz Xaver von search