Thomas Jefferson Papers

Edmund Bacon to Thomas Jefferson, 3 April 1822, with Jefferson’s Note

From Edmund Bacon, with Jefferson’s Note

April 3rd 1822

Deare sir.

Inclosed is a paper which was given to me by Mrs Proctor. also an acct of Mr Vest

I would like to consult with you on the subjec of procuring graine both for bread and food. If Gill continues to consume oats in the extravagant1 maner as he has done for some time past it will be hard to tell what portion2 is enough to ingage 50 bushels was deliverd to him on the 13 day of march and on the 25th or 26th 16 bushels more and on the morning of the first of April he called for more 56 bushels was on that morning sent up he has also had one thousand weight of hay more than his allowed quantity. we had from Mr Stout 400 25 pounds instead of 3600 as first agreed for.

we lack 80 bushels of the 130 which was taken for seed and I sowed 21 bushels out of the 350 bushels which was orderd to be bought instead of geting 350 only 335 bushels was bought the 80 taken by the plantations to sow and the 21 which I sowed will make 101 bushels which is taken from the

335  bushels
234  bushels for food instead of 350

I had no chance to purchase at less than 3/ pr bushel on a credit of 90 days. if we have to pay 3/ the bushel for oats we had better buy corn as well for food as for bread

After a long and deficult trial I have got from Colo Monroe the graiter part of the sum due to me for the hire of my negroes he owes to me yet some thing like 260$ Mr Watson his agent tells me that he will sell a parcel of corn3 if you chuse to take the corn I would take the money into your hands and you to allow me interest from the day of the purchase of the corn should one be made untill I want the money. we have remaining of the 40 barrils bought of Mr Carr about 25 barrills which is all our present stock except what little we may get from the mill I imagin we might get nearly as much corn as would do both for bread and food. of this you can consider and decide in the way you chuse. if you dont chuse to take the corn I shall look out for some other purchaser as I am anxious to take some step to secure the geting my money when I may want it which will under all probability4 be about the end of sumer.

I have sent Jerry to Milton for 6 barrills more of cement which John Cradock has to day braught up for you we are now suffering very much for the balance of the rails to be hauled to inclose the corn field. it is now time to think about planting corn and our field not fence’d.

I am yours &C

E: Bacon

[Note by TJ at foot of text:]

Apr. 1.  to Aug. 31. 22. weeks @ 5.B. 110. barrels
on  hand 25
mill in Apr. May, June @ 3.B.   405
   July. Aug. @ 5.B. 45 110

RC (ViU: TJP-ER); dateline adjacent to signature; between closing and signature: “Mr Jefferson”; endorsed by TJ (torn): “[c]orn estimates.” Enclosures not found.

On 4 Apr. 1822 TJ noted in his financial records that “I am to credit Hawley & Vest’s bond 21.46 Vest’s acct. for leather.” mr carr: John Kerr. TJ also indicated on that day that he “Gave John Craddock order on W. D. Fitch for 7.D. bringing up 6. Bar. shale cement from Richd. Randolph” (MB description begins James A. Bear Jr. and Lucia C. Stanton, eds., Jefferson’s Memorandum Books: Accounts, with Legal Records and Miscellany, 1767–1826, 1997, The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Second Series description ends , 2:1384).

1Manuscript: “extragant.”

2Manuscript: “potion.”

3Unmatched closing parenthesis editorially omitted.

4Manuscript: “probality.”

5Reworked from “39.”

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