Thomas Jefferson Papers

Thomas Jefferson to Ellen W. Randolph (Coolidge), 7 February 1822

To Ellen W. Randolph (Coolidge)

Monticello Feb. 7. 22.

Money, my dearest Ellen, is very hard to get in these times. no better proof of it than that it was not in my power till this day to remit you the inclosed sum of 50.D. which is in notes of the District where you are. it is to pay for the busts of messrs Madison and Monroe, & for their package, the balance for yourself for your commission on the transaction, or for your menus plaisirs if so best pleases you. the package should be extremely carefully made with fixtures within the box to hold the busts steadily in their place. & when packed have it delivered to mr Barnes who will be so good as to have it put on board some Richmond vessel and addressed to Colo Peyton. all here are well. I have no other news for you but thermometrical. yesterday at the hour of dinner the mercury was at 47.° this morning at 12° being a fall of 35.° in 15. hours. very affectionately yours

Th: Jefferson

PoC (Edward Churchill, Haddonfield, N.J., 1991); on verso of a reused address cover from Thomas Appleton to TJ and FC of TJ to Randolph (Coolidge), 22 Feb. [1822]; endorsed by TJ; with later notation at foot of text by Randolph (Coolidge)’s daughter Ellen Randolph Coolidge Dwight: “Given to me at Edgehill E.R.D.” Recorded in SJL with additional bracketed notation: “50.D.”

menus plaisirs: “little pleasures; pocket money.”

On 10 Feb. 1822 TJ’s granddaughter Mary J. Randolph wrote to her sister Virginia J. Randolph (Trist) from Monticello that “to day the house is covered with snow which grand papa has been hoping would be 6. inches deep but I believe there is no chance of that we have not had more than 3 inches through the whole winter and the snow house is yet to fill, which I know we shall suffer for greatly this summer if we can not get it done & that really seems to be a doubtful point, this is the 10th of Feby beyond which there seldom falls a deep snow and the chance therefore is less than ever of our getting it filled at all” (RC in ViU: Trist, Randolph, and Burke Family Papers).

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