Thomas Jefferson Papers

Enclosure: Thomas Jefferson’s Account with Bernard Peyton for Flour Sales, 18 October 1821


Account with Bernard Peyton for Flour Sales

Sales 41 Blls: super fine Flour by Bernd Peyton for Mr Th: Jefferson

1821 Richd
18 Octor To Luke & Sizer for Cash on the Basin 41 Barrels super fine flour at $5.50 } $225.50
Cash pd fght: at 2/6, & Toll at 7½ d $21.35
Inspection at 2¢ & Comssn at 2½ pr Ct 6.46 27.81
Nett prcds: at Ct Th: Jefferson  $197.69


MS (MHi); entirely in Peyton’s hand; covering letter subjoined; undated; with calculations by TJ at foot of text dividing $197.69 by 41 and arriving at a net price of $4.82 per barrel of flour.

e.e.: “Errors Excepted.”

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