Thomas Jefferson Papers

Enclosure: José Corrêa da Serra to Francis W. Gilmer, 9 November 1820


José Corrêa da Serra to Francis W. Gilmer

New York 9th November. 1820.

Dear Sir and Friend.

To morrow in the Albion packet i sail for England, and from thence in January i will sail for the Brazil, where i will be in the beginning of March. It is impossible to me to Leave this continent without once more turning my eyes to Virginia, to you and Monticello. I Leave you my representative in that State, and near the persons who attach me to it, and i doubt not of your acceptance of this charge. Mr Jefferson, Col. Randolph and his excellent Lady and family, the family i am the most attached to in all America, will receive my adieus from you. Do not forget also that pure and virtuous soul at Montpellier and his Lady. You will i hope Live Long my dear friend, and you will every day more and more see with your eyes, what difference exists between the two philosophical Presidents, and the whole future contingent series of chiefs of your union. You know the rest of my acquaintances in your noble State, and the degrees of consideration i have for each, and you will distribute my souvenirs in proportion.

At my return in Philadelphia i found a Letter from your brother in Law Mr Minor of Ridgeway dated the 5th of July, to inform me as secry of the Agric. Socy1 that they had been so good as to elect me one of their body, and that they would be glad of receiving some communication from me. I found at the same time as many orders to execute and dispatches to answer, with plenty of troublesome trifles to expedite, and i am now ashamed to write; i beg you will be my Letter, and you can tell him, that i will send better proofs than compliments, of the price i attach to their kindness. I was in Virginia so Long after the Lette[r] that chuse just the moment of my departure, in order to arrive in Philadelphia, and could have personally answered if i had known it.

Glory yourself in being a Virginian, and remember all my discourses about the[m.] It is the Lot i would have wished for me if i was a North American, being a South American i am glad to be a Brazilian, and you shall hear of wha[t] i do for my country if i Live.

Cras ingens iterabimus æquor. but every where, you will find me constantly and steadily

Your faithful and sincere friend

Joseph Corrèa de Serra

RC (ViU: FWG); edge trimmed; at head of text: “Frank. W. Gilmer Esq.”; endorsed by Gilmer. Also enclosed in TJ to Gilmer, 29 Nov. 1820.

The Agricultural Society of Albemarle (agric. socy) elected Corrêa da Serra an honorary member on 8 May 1820 (True, “Agricultural Society,” description begins Rodney H. True, “Minute Book of the Agricultural Society of Albemarle,” Annual Report of the American Historical Association for the Year 1918 (1921), 1:261–349 description ends 288). cras ingens iterabimus æquor: “Tomorrow we shall set out once more over the boundless sea” (Horace, Odes, 1.7.32, in Horace: Odes and Epodes, trans. Niall Rudd, Loeb Classical Library [2004], 38–9).

1Preceding six words interlined.

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