Thomas Jefferson Papers

Arthur S. Brockenbrough to Thomas Jefferson, 19 October 1820

From Arthur S. Brockenbrough

October 19h 1820

Dear Sir,

I must beg leave to suggest some few alterations1 in the arcade in front of Hotel A without altering the height of the building, as the Span of the arch is 6 feet and the arches in front of the adjoining dormitories are only 5. F 4 I it requires 4 inches more height for the arcade in front of the Hotel than those in front of the dormitories,2 I think it will look better to let the entablature of the dormitories3 finish against the arcade of Hotel A as it does at Hotel B and let the arcade of Hotel A rise as at Hotel B—the entablature to rest on the Key stone which is 14 inches high the arch in the flank walls I think should be of the same span of those of the front as a view of the whole can be taken at once from the road—It will certainly be better [to]4 raise the windows 24 or 30 inches above the floor of Hotel A. as the back windows will otherwise be very near the ground in consiquence of the rise in the ground—I have sent you the plan of Hotel A that you may see the alterations I propose making as Mr Oldham has not yet taken it off you will please return it after an examination, the work of the Hotel is now progressing, it will therefore be important to deside on it immediately—the same difficulty presents itself at Hotel C the arches there are 6 ft wide & 5 ft 4 in front of the dormitories, as the entablature cannot be raised5 at that Hotel would it not be better to reduce the width of the arches to 5 feet 4 inches as in front of the dormitories,6 you will please let me hear from you by the return of the boy or early in the morning as the work is progressing7 fast—On Saturday I propose going to Richmond, to purchase a tinman for the use of this institution, and also a parcel of tin which has been offered me, & to procure clothing for our laborers, any business that I can transact for you I will attend to with pleasure   most respectfully

Sir your Obt sevt

A. S. Brockenbrough

I must ask the favor of you to let me see my last report, I believe I have made some small errors, which if corrected I hope will not make any difference as to the report of the Visitors


RC (ViU: TJP-PP); endorsed by TJ as received the day it was written from the University of Virginia and so recorded in SJL.

hotel a, hotel b, and hotel c were later redesignated B, D, and F, respectively.

1Manuscript: “altirations.”

2Manuscript: “dormitores.”

3Manuscript: “dormitores.”

4Omitted word editorially supplied.

5Manuscript: “rased.”

6Manuscript: “dormitores.”

7Manuscript: “progrssing.”

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