Thomas Jefferson Papers

Thomas Jefferson’s Notes on the Shadwell Mill Account, [ca. 15 April 1820]

Notes on the Shadwell Mill Account

[ca. 15 Apr. 1820]

Observations on particular articles of the Shadwell mill acct of Apr. 15. 20.

1819. July 1. ‘By balance due to Th:J by last settlement.’ to wit Flour 48 Bar–121 ℔
the balance stated then as due to me was 50. Bar towit a quarter’s rent due June 30.
        D   C
‘By  balance in cash pr last settlement due Th:J. 175 94’
the balance due me pr settlemt was 544 . 61
since that to wit July 5. paid to Gibson 350 .
  leaving the real balance not 175.94 but 194 . 61
        ‘1729. flour barrels’
 the rects in my possession say 1733. barrs
Barrels of flour for mill1 rent delivd 186’
 Gibson’s accts acknolege only 130 .
 since which Johnson carried 36
   making in all 166 only
        amount of wheat crop of 1819. 171 bush–53. ℔ a note in my hands says 183 b.–53 ℔ difference 12. bush.
the above are the articles which need further examination.
but to place the mill rent clearly I will state it as it appears to me.
1819.  June 30.  the acct rendd states for the quarter ending that day to be due viz 50
Sep.  30. quarter’s rent due this day 50
Dec.  31. do 50
1820.  Mar.  31. do 50
200 .
        Gibson’s credits are Bar
1819.  Dec.   9.2 40
1820.  Feb.  22. 50
Mar.  27 40
carrd by Johnson date of P.G’s acct 36
balance due to Mar. 31. 34
        The following deliveries of flour also credited by P.G. are placed to acct of Th: J. R.
        1820.  Feb.  by Wood. 197 .
Mar.  16.  Johnson & Gilmer 90
27.  Johnson 63
due for rent of farms 350
differences in the whole.  flour 21 169
wheat  12
cash 20.27

MS (MHi); on verso of reused address cover of James Monroe to TJ, 13 Feb. 1820; in TJ’s hand; undated.

1Word interlined.

2TJ here canceled (brackets in original) “[perhaps by Craddock’s boat].”

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  • boats; carriage to and from Richmond search
  • Craddock (Cradock), John (boatman); boats of transport goods search
  • flour; as rent search
  • Gibson, Patrick; account with TJ search
  • Gilmore, Joseph; Milton boatman search
  • Jefferson, Thomas; Business & Financial Affairs; and lease of Lego search
  • Jefferson, Thomas; Business & Financial Affairs; and lease of Shadwell mills search
  • Jefferson, Thomas; Business & Financial Affairs; and lease of Tufton search
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  • Johnson, William (boatman); transports flour to Richmond search
  • Lego (TJ’s Albemarle Co. estate); lease of search
  • Monticello (TJ’s Albemarle Co. estate); wheat crop at search
  • Randolph, Thomas Jefferson (TJ’s grandson; Jane Hollins Nicholas Randolph’s husband); leases Tufton and Lego search
  • Richmond, Va.; boat carriage to and from search
  • Shadwell mills; rent for search
  • Tufton (TJ’s Albemarle Co. estate); T. J. Randolph’s lease of search
  • wheat; at Monticello search
  • Wood, William (d. ca.1822); boats of search