Thomas Jefferson Papers

Thomas Jefferson’s Drawing of Shadwell Mills and Canal, [before 19 November 1819]

Drawing of Shadwell Mills and Canal

[before 19 Nov. 1819]


Sketch of Canal

from the waste to the head of the digging for the bason is 30. yds1

thence2 to the upper point of the spit of ground 78 yds.

    thence  to the safety gate 75. yds
to the toll mill 75. yds
to upper corner of manufg mill 46. yds
from the lower corner of manufg mill  across the valley to the store house 62. yds
to the spring 67. yds

MS (DLC: TJ Papers, 194:34552); on verso of portion of reused address cover to TJ; in TJ’s hand; undated; but probably written before delivery of the Opinion of John Brown (1762–1826) in Jefferson v. Rivanna Company, [19 Nov. 1819], and possibly created in relation to TJ’s Notes on Depositions in Jefferson v. Rivanna Company, [ca. 31 May–1 June 1819].

1Line interlined.

2Word interlined in place of “from the waste.”

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