Thomas Jefferson Papers

John Vaughan to Thomas Jefferson, 19 June 1819

From John Vaughan

Philad. June 19. 1819

D sir

I have purchased of mr S Girard three Bills of Exchange on James Lafitte & Co 16 June at 60 days St

No 400 order Thomas appleton 2362 .50 450 $
401. Stephen Cathalan 1312 .50 250
402. Debure freres 525 100
frs 4200 @ 525100 $ 800 Ds

Which I have this day Paid

I enclose the fourth Bills to you—

I send the 1st & 2d Bills to New York to be forwarded.1 Mr Gibson not being able to remit in any shape I have this day Drawn 300$ a 2 p % discount.2 Sales having been made a 3 Disct I probably may be obliged to negociate the remainder at that rate—I Shall advise the opportunities—

Mr Coopers mineral collection is ready & a fine one it is.—

Dr Caldwells life of Green has appeared, it has been made from Scanty materials & the author has been obliged to Swell it into an 8vo Vol—

I remain yours most sincerly

Jn Vaughan

A friend of Yours & mine reading a newly published3 Book, Said it put him in mind of a Story of a remark made on a Very fat man—“he Shews the utmost extensibility of the human Skin”4

The life of Green was got up as follows—When Quarter master Genl he corresponded with Pettit—quartermaster of this state, the correspondence was in the office of His son an Alderman & served the Constables to [li]ght Segars—A Bookseller or Binder got them as waste paper—& offered them to Judge Johnston—who not agreeing, the owener applied to Caldwell to write the History or Memoirs

I enclose a Spirited Lithographic mad dog of Leseueur, with an acco of the mode of treating Hydrophobia

RC (MHi); on a sheet folded to form four pages, with letter on pp. 1–2, postscript on p. 3, and address on p. 4; mutilated at seal; addressed: “Thomas Jefferson Monticello”; franked; postmarked Philadelphia, 20 June; with notations by TJ on address cover related to his 29 June 1819 response to Vaughan: “Ware Physic stoves 4cates vanilla Caldwell lithographic going to Bedfd”; endorsed by TJ as received 27 June 1819 and so recorded in SJL. Enclosures not found.

dr caldwells life of green: Charles Caldwell, Memoirs of the Life and Campaigns of the Hon. Nathaniel Greene (Philadelphia, 1819). judge johnston: United States Supreme Court justice William Johnson.

The naturalist Charles Alexandre Lesueur (leseueur) had recently published in Philadelphia “a half sheet, price 12½ cents, containing a description of the symptoms of canine madness in Dogs; with directions for treating persons recently bitten by any animal supposed to be mad; and a vignette consisting of an engraving of a dog afflicted with that disorder, and an anatomical delineation of the bones of the head of a dog.” Vaughan and eight other prominent Philadelphians, including José Corrêa da Serra, Thomas Cooper, James Mease, and Robert M. Patterson, recommended the work to the public, having been “struck with the obvious utility, and merit, of this short and cheap publication, … at this season particularly, when the subject of canine madness occupies so much of the public attention” (Philadelphia Poulson’s American Daily Advertiser, 29 June 1819).

1Omitted period at right margin editorially supplied.

2Omitted period at right margin editorially supplied.

3Manuscript: “pulished.”

4Omitted closing quotation mark editorially supplied.

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  • Memoirs of the Life and Campaigns of the Hon. Nathaniel Greene (C. Caldwell) search
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