Thomas Jefferson Papers

Memorandum to Thomas Jefferson by Martin Dawson and Deponents in Jefferson v. Rivanna Company, 1 June 1819

Memorandum by Martin Dawson and Deponents in Jefferson v. Rivanna Company

Thomas Jefferson          Pltf
Rivanna Company Defts
Daniel Colclasher One days attendance 25 1
Ambrose Flannagan one days attendance and travelling 10 miles 85
William Bacon one days attendance 25
Thomas D Boyd one days attendance 25
Joseph Gilmore One2 days attendance 25
William D Fitch one days attendance 25
William Carden one days attendance 25
Thomas E Randolph two days attendance 50
William Johnson one days attendance 25
Edmund Bacon one days attendance 25
We Charge Nothing for our Attendance3 in above Suit
Given Under our hands 1st June 1819—
Dnt Thos D Boyd
E Bacon
J Gilmore
W. F Carden
W D Fitch Johnson
Thos Eston Randolph
Dnl Colclaser

June 1st 1819

Reced of Martin Dawson eighty five cents in full my attendance Suit Thomas Jefferson vs The Rivanna Company

James M, Boyd

Ambrose Flanagan

Mr William Bacon will receive nothing for his attendance, neither will the Other Witnesses as you will see above, except Mr Flanagan

Yo. Ob. Hu. Serv

Martin Dawson

MS (ViU: TJP-ER); in Martin Dawson’s hand except for signatures by deponents and check marks probably added by TJ; endorsed by Dawson (“Jefferson vs Rivanna Compny} Witnesses attendae”) and by TJ as an undated letter from Dawson received 13 June 1819 from Milton (with his additional notation: “.85”) and so recorded (without place of origin or additional notation) in SJL.

1Reworked from “55.”

2Reworked from “two.”

3Manuscript: “Attendane.”

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