Thomas Jefferson Papers

John Laval to Thomas Jefferson, 28 May 1819

From John Laval

Philada May 28th 1819


Agreeably to your directions, I have addressed to you, Care of Capt Bernard Peyton; Commission Merchant, Richmond, per Schooner Robert Burns, which was to sail on the 23d & has been Cleared only yesterday, One Bundle; well wrapped up in Quadruple paper, Containing:

Lempriere’s Classical Dictionary, 8vo, bound in Sheep $5
The Two first volumes of Diodoro Siculo, dto in Parchment 4
3 Copies of Orbis Pictus Comnenii, 12o, bd, at $1.12½/100 3 .37½
3 do of Alvari Prosodia, Dublin Ed., the only ones
found in Philada after long researches   at 37½/100
} 1 .12½
$ 13 .50

I have not been able to obtain, in any Bookstore of the City, a Copy of Sanxay’s Lexicon, which I would have bought for you. I cannot sell mine Separately, having been invoiced with the four vols of Ar. Com. & adding to their value.

The Grimm you have seen advertised, at Paris, at 5₶, was, I supposed, Sewed, & mine is handsomely bound; that makes a difference of 35 or 40 sols per volume, & would raise it to $225100, price I asked, even at the advance of 50 p%, which is far from being adequate to cover all expences & leave a reasonable profit, the Packing alone at Paris amounting sometimes to 5 p%—

I have paid here, 18 months ago, for my 17 vols of Grimm $30.= I will be satisfied with 15 p% profit or $3450100 for the work, if, at that rate, you think proper to purchase it. the fellow copy was sold for $50=

I am, Sir, with the highest respect your’s

John Laval

RC (DLC); endorsed by TJ as received 3 June 1819 and so recorded in SJL. RC (MHi); address cover only; with PoC of TJ to Andrew Smith, 19 Oct. 1820, on verso; addressed: “Th. Jefferson Esq. Monticello—Va”; stamp canceled; franked; postmarked Philadelphia, 28 May.

For Richard François Philippe Brunck’s Aristophanis Comœdiæ (ar. com.), see Laval to TJ, 19 Apr. 1819.

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