Thomas Jefferson Papers

Thomas Jefferson’s Recommendation of Edmund Bacon, 15 August 1818

Recommendation of Edmund Bacon

Warm Springs Virginia. Aug. 15. 18.

The bearer, mr Edmund Bacon has lived with me twelve years as manager of my farm at Monticello. he goes to the Missouri to look out for lands to which he means to remove. he is an honest, correct man in his conduct and worthy of confidence in his engagements: any information or instruction which any person may give him will be worthily bestowed, and if he should apply particularly to Govr Clarke on his way, the Governor will especially oblige me by imparting to him his information and advice

Th: Jefferson

MS (Roberta B. Coscia, Memphis, Tenn., 2007); in TJ’s hand; with subjoined, signed, dated, supplemental recommendation by Thomas Mann Randolph of 14 Sept. 1820 (written during TJ’s absence at Poplar Forest): “Mr Bacon has continued to possess the esteem confidence and good Will of his neighbours and of the family in which he has lived without any interruption to this day.” Not recorded in SJL.

Bacon later recalled that TJ had recommended that he go to the missouri to look for land, but when he was ready to leave on his exploratory visit, “Mr. Jefferson was at the Warm Springs. In going to his Bedford farm, he had somehow caught the itch, and it troubled him a great deal, and he went to the Springs to see if he could not get rid of it. But he wrote me not to let his absence interrupt my plans, and said that in going, I would pass directly through the yard where he was staying, and he would see me there.” When Bacon arrived in Saint Louis, he called on Governor William Clark, “showed him the letter from Mr. Jefferson, and I never was more kindly treated” (Pierson, Jefferson at Monticello, 29–30, 32).

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