Thomas Jefferson Papers

Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Inns Between Staunton and Warm Springs, [after 6 August 1818]

I. Thomas Jefferson’s Notes on Inns Between Staunton and Warm Springs

[after 6 Aug. 1818]

[See high-resolution version of above chart]

MS (ViU: TJP); written entirely in TJ’s hand on both sides of a slip of paper; undated, but probably composed about the time of TJ’s August 1818 visit to Warm Springs.

1TJ here erased “Jenning’s 9.”

2Recto ends here.

Index Entries

  • Bell’s Tavern (Augusta Co.) search
  • Berry, Mrs.; Augusta Co. innkeeper search
  • Bratton’s Tavern (Bath Co.) search
  • Cloverdale (Bath Co.); tavern at search
  • Crawford’s Tavern (Augusta Co.) search
  • Fawcett’s Tavern (Bath Co.) search
  • Garner’s Tavern (Augusta Co.) search
  • Harnest’s Tavern (Bath Co.) search
  • Hodge’s Tavern (Augusta Co.) search
  • Jefferson, Thomas; Travels; to Staunton search
  • Jefferson, Thomas; Travels; to Warm Springs search
  • Jefferson, Thomas; Writings; Notes on Inns Between Staunton and Warm Springs search
  • Kincaid’s Tavern (Augusta Co.) search
  • Lange, Abraham; Augusta Co. innkeeper search
  • Laporte, Peter; tavern of search
  • Laporte’s Tavern (Augusta Co.) search
  • McClung’s Tavern (Bath Co.) search
  • McDowell’s Tavern (Augusta Co.) search
  • Scotchtown (Bath Co.); tavern at search
  • Shaw’s Tavern (Bath Co.) search
  • Staunton, Va.; TJ visits search
  • Stribling Springs (Augusta Co.); tavern at search
  • Virginia; taverns in search
  • Warm Springs (Bath Co.); TJ visits search
  • William’s Spring (Bath Co.); tavern at search