Thomas Jefferson Papers

Thomas Jefferson’s Statement of Account with Philip Mazzei’s Estate, 5 April 1818

Statement of Account with Philip Mazzei’s Estate

1808. Oct. 7. paid McGraw attorney in the suit for the lot 50.
1813. July 14. recieved the price of the lot on sale 6342.
1817. July 14. Interest on 6292. D @ 6. prcent. 4. years 1510. 08
7802. 08
1816. Jan. 24. pd Peter Derieux by order of Philip Mazzei  20.
1817. Aug. 19. remitted thro T. Appleton esq. 380.52 400. 52
1817. July 14. Balance 7401. 56
1818. July 14. 1. year’s interest on 7401. D 56 C 444. 101
7845. 66
Apr. 5. now remitted through T. Appleton 445. 66
leaves a principal sum due to the representatives of P. Mazzei 7400. D.

I Thomas Jefferson of Monticello in Virginia acknolege myself indebted to the representatives of Philip Mazzei of Tuscany after the remittance of 445. D 66 C now making, in the principal sum of seven thousand four hundred Dollars, which principal sum of 7400. Dollars is to bear from the 14th day of July in this present year 1818. an interest of six per cent per annum that is to say of four hundred and forty four Dollars to be paid annually until reimbursement of the principal, to the paiment of which principal and interest I bind myself, my heirs executors and administrators. Witness my hand & seal this 5th day of April 1818.

PoC (DLC: TJ Papers, 212:37925); written entirely in TJ’s hand on verso of reused address cover of James Smith (of Baltimore) to TJ, 28 Mar. 1818; notation by TJ at foot of text: “the original signed & sealed, & sent thro T. Appleton”; endorsed by TJ:

“Mazzei’s representatives } acct Etc.”
Enclosed in TJ to Thomas Appleton, 4 Apr. 1818, TJ to John Vaughan, 8 Apr. 1818, TJ to Albert Gallatin, 9 Apr. 1818, TJ to Patrick Gibson, 10 Apr. 1818, and TJ to Daniel Brent, [ca. 12 May 1818].

mcgraw: Samuel McCraw. TJ’s letter to Appleton of aug. 19., printed above at 20 Aug. 1817, apparently included a missing Dupl of his 1 Aug. 1817 letter to Appleton with instructions for the remittance of 380.52 dollars.

1Manuscript: “444.01.”

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  • Pini, Elisabetta Mazzei (Philip Mazzei’s daughter; Andrea Pini’s wife); and P. Mazzei’s estate search
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