Thomas Jefferson Papers

Enclosure: William Tilghman’s Queries regarding Caspar Wistar, [ca. 12 February 1818]


William Tilghman’s Queries regarding Caspar Wistar

[ca. 12 Feb. 1818]

1— When was Dr Wistar born & where—
2— From what country did his ancestors Emigrate
when did they arrive & in what degree of kindred was he to the first Emigrant—
3. In what School did he recieve his classical Education
4 Under what Physician did he study medicine & when did he commence—
5 At what time did he take his degree or degrees in medicine & in what colleges—
6 When did he go to Europe & to what parts did he go & when did he return
7 What Offices or professorships has he had in this City & what were the periods of his appointments
8 Has he made any discovery’s in Arts or sciences & when
9 What were the Striking excellencies in his mode of Lecturing on Anatomy
10 What Printed works was he the author of—
11 What works in manuscript did he leave finished or Unfinished
12 What were his domestic habits.
13 What were his religous sentiments
14 Are there any Striking Anectotes with regard to his life or his death; which may be properly inserted in his Eulogium—
15 What distinguished persons in Europe & also what in America were his intimate friends & correspondents
16 What other services did he render to Science & in what Manner—

MS (MHi); in an unidentified hand, with final question in John Vaughan’s hand; undated; conjoined with covering letter.

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