Thomas Jefferson Papers

David Bailie Warden to Thomas Jefferson, 12 April 1817

From David Bailie Warden

Paris, 12 april, 1817.

Dear Sir,

mr. Ticknor arrived here yesterday and handed me your letter of the 7th february 1815, for which I am greatly indebted. I wrote to you on the 14th of July last inclosing the invoice of your Books, which were forwarded from Havre to new york by the ship united states, and addressed to the collector of that port. I should be glad to hear of their safe arrival. If you wish for others it will give me great pleasure to procure and forward them to you

The correspondence of Franklin has at last made its appearance at London, and a Translation at Paris; but it is not well ascertained whether any part has been suppressed—Perhaps you are the only person who can decide this point. Some of the french Journals, from political motives, have commenced a very unjust critique of this patriotic and truly philosophical correspondence.

Your friend the abbé Rochon died a few days ago, after a fortnights illness, and preserved his faculties to the last moment. His daughter left this world a few hours before him—The present minister of marine, who was greatly attached to him, will no doubt obtain a pension for his widow. He was occupied for some time in writing the history of steam Boats, which he has left unfinished. In him I have lost an excellent friend; whom I had the pleasure of seeing frequently during several years.

our minister has not been able to obtain an answer on the subject of claims; and proposes to spend a part of the summer in switzerland.

The migration of frenchmen to the united states still continues—the views of the military class are directed towards South america—

A society has been lately organised here for the purpose of establishing an agricultural and Commercial Colony on the coast of Senegal. Two vessels with emigrants have already sailed for that destination and another is preparing.—I pray you, to present my respects to mr. and mrs. Randolph

I am, dear sir, with great respect

your very obliged servt,

D B. Warden

RC (DLC); at foot of text: “Thomas Jefferson Esquire”; endorsed by TJ as received 18 June 1817 and so recorded in SJL.

TJ’s letter to Warden was dated 27 Feb., not 7th february 1815. The collector of the port of New York was David Gelston. William Temple Franklin issued a second edition of the correspondence of his grandfather, The Private Correspondence of Benjamin Franklin, LL.D. F.R.S. &c., 2 vols. (London, 1817). The one-volume French translation was Correspondance Choisie de Benjamin Franklin (Paris, 1817). The French minister of marine was François Joseph de Gratet, vicomte Dubouchage.

Originally founded in 1814, the Société Coloniale Philanthropique de la Sénégambie suspended its activities following Napoleon’s 1815 return to Paris. It was revived in 1816 for the purpose of completing “the discovery of the whole interior of the continent of Africa, and to carry the torch of religion, with all the benefits of civilization, agriculture, and the useful arts, among the nations that inhabit that vast continent, which is, as yet, so little known, but which, notwithstanding, is one of the finest, richest, and most fertile parts of the globe. To accomplish these great objects, the Colonial Society proposes to establish, upon the coast of French Africa, in Senegambia, near Cape Verd and on the continent, an Agricultural Colony, which, in a few years, may prove a substitute to France for a part of those she has lost, and which may open, at the same time, a vast asylum for the countless number of unfortunate French citizens, who, tossed about by political convulsions, have been exposed for five-and-twenty years to the outrages and inconstancy of Fortune” (“French Colonial Society,” Colonial Journal 5 [1817]: 409–10).

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