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Enclosure: John Barnes’s Account with Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 26 November 1816


John Barnes’s Account with Tadeusz Kosciuszko

Genl. Thads Kosciusko in a/c. with John Barnes for Sale of
Treasury notes bearing 5⅔ pr. ct. Int. and payable 21st April, 1816.

1816. To C. Smith, Esqr. 4,500.
March 21 For 11 month’s int. @ 5⅔ per cent 222.75
 advance on do. 7½ per cent 337.50 560. 25
5,060. 25
 Deduct ½ per cent. Brokerage 25. 30 5,034 95
For purchase of 46 shares Columbia Bank stock of C. Smith, @ $110 per whole share 5,060 
  add ½ per cent. Brokerage 25. 30 5,085 30
To the debit of Genl. Kosciusko for this difference $ 50 35
 E. E. 21st March, 1816.
   Georgetown, Cola
John Barnes,1
Genl. Thads. Kosciusko, Dr
To John Barnes.
July 25. For purchase of a sett of exchange from Messrs. Smith & Riddle of Richmond, drawn by A. P. Heinrich2 of Baltimore, at 30 days, on John Rapp, London, for £200 sterling, @ 20 per cent advance 888. 88
   Advance 177. 78
1,066. 66
   Negn 21. 33 $1,087 99
 E. E. Georgetown, Cola.
   25th. July, 1816.
John Barnes,
Genl. Kosciusko Dr
To John Barnes.
Novr. 26. For the purchase of a sett of exchange, vice (Buckley & Abbott of New York) viz: L. N. & G. Griswold, No 3—at 60 days on Saml. Williams, Esq. London, £300 sterling, ex. rated on average, @ 12½ pr. ct. advance 1,333. 33⅓
   Advance 166. 66⅔
1,500. 00
Commission, including Buckley & Abbott’s, charged J. B. 1 per cent exch 30. 00 $1,530 00
 E. E. Georgetown, Cola.
   26th Novr. 1816.
John Barnes,3
Genl. Thads Kosciusko in a/c with John Barnes, for proceeds of $10,000 as per scription to United States’ Loan of 25 millions, at $88 for 100—Liquidated at 80 for 100—of 6 per cent Stock of the U. States, payable quarterly—on amt. Liquidated
Jany. 7. By interest accruing on the above on average from the 10th July to 31st Decr. 1814, say $358.32
Negotiation 8.95 349 37
April 8 By 3 months interest due 1st instant 187.50
Negotiation 4.68 182 82
July 1 By do do same 182 82
Oct. 2 By do do same 182 82
Jany. 1 By do do same 182 82
April 4 By do do same 182 82
July 2 By do do same 182 82
Octr. 2 By do do same 182 82
Nett  $1,629 11
 E. E. Georgetown, Cola.
   2d Octr. 1816.
John Barnes,4
Genl. Thads. Kosciusko in a/c. with John Barnes, for proceeds of forty six shares of Bank of Columbia stock; for dividends payable thereon, half yearly, from 20th March to 20th September, on 46 shares of $100 each
$4,600. 00
Octr. 22 By Dividend due 20th September,
 6 months, at 8 per cent $184.00
Negotiation 4.60  $179  40
 E. E. Georgetown, Cola.
   22d Octr, 1816.
John Barnes,5
Genl. Thads Kosciusko in Several, & General, a/c. with John Barnes, as agent for Thomas Jefferson, Esq. from 26th April, 1815 to 26th Nov. 1816.
1815. 1815
March 21 To the difference in sale of Treasury Notes & purchase of 46 shares Columbia Bank Stock, per a/c. } 50 35 April 26. By balance on settlement of a/c. rendered 50
July 25. To purchase of sett of exchange from Smith & Riddle, Richmd. drawn by A. P. Heinrich6 Balto on John Rapp, of London, at 20 pr. ct. advance, as pr. a/c. } 1,087 99 Jany. 7.  By interest accruing on $12,500 of U. States’ stock, liquidated @ 6 pr. ct. on average, from 10th July to 31st Decr. 1814, & to 2d Octr. 1816, as pr. statement   nett. } 1,629 11
(£200. st’g.)
Nov. 26. To purchase sett of exchange, via Buckley & Abbott, New York, L. N. & G. Griswold, on S. Williams of London, @ 12½ pr. ct. average advance, per a/c. } 1,530 Octr. 22 By Dividend due 20th Sept. on 46 shares Bank of Columbia Stock, of $100 each, at 8 per cent    nett. } 179 40
£300 sterlg.
To sundry postages, foreign & inland. Duplicates 2 17 Novr. 26. By Balance due this a/c. carried to new a/c. and to Genl. Kosciusko’s debit. } 812
Dolls. 2,670 51 Dolls. 2,670 51
Nov. 26. To Balance carried to new a/c. $812 00 E. E. Georgetown, Cola.
 26th. Nov. 1816.
   John Barnes,7

J. Barnes’ Remarks on his general a/c. with Genl. Thads Kosciusko.

Be it remembered, That the sett of exchange for £200 sterling dated 25th. July, Purchased of Smith & Riddle, & therewith charged to his debit—$1,087.99—was returned 20th Nov. protested for non payment with expenses thereon, by Messrs. Baring Brothers, & Co.—Amount £3.9.6. Sterling.

That an accommodation on said returned sett of £200. took place—and said Smith & Riddle transmitted J. Barnes—John Mutton & Co’s sett of exchange dated Richmond, 29th. Nov. on Messrs. John & James Dunlop—London, including 15 per cent damages, &c as per estimate in sterling Amount for £234—which sett was, on the 12th Dec’r. through favor of J. Monroe, Esq. transmitted by J. Barnes to Messrs. Baring Brothers, & Co. London—for the sole use of Gen’l. Thads Kosciusko—exclusively—and in lieu of the above £200 sterling—sett returned—protested.

Under these circumstances, no alteration becomes necessary, with reference to John Barnes’s statement of his a/c. with Gen’l. Kosciusko up to 26th Nov. 1816. which includes said £200 or $1,087.99—E.E.

for the difference on the renewed sett for £234 St’g.
in lieu of the one protested and returned   200 —say £34.00.00. st’g.
will finally be adjusted by Messrs Baring & Co. & after deducting their expenditures thereon, protest. Comm’s postage, &c as per their a/c.  3. 9. 6.
Leaves a balance of £30.10. 6. st’g.8

in favor of the Genl which at the current exchange, say 12½ per cent. equal to $15261100—as some atonement for his disappointment—nor has J. Barnes made any charge, either on the returned sett for £200, or on the one of £234. transmitted in lieu thereof:—

Of course, no other reference need be applied to the general account current up to the present date.—apparent balance in favor of the subscriber,

Errors Excepted,

   $812. as per a/c. Rendered.

Georgetown, Cola.
 Nov. 26th 1816.
  John Barnes,

MS (ViU: TJP-ER); in a clerk’s hand, with multiple signatures by Barnes.

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